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UB Corporate is the corporate uniform, head to toe, department of UB Creative. Started in early 2017, UB Corporate has made great strides in the supply of corporate comfort footwear, clothing and sourcing solutions. UB Corporate has the capacity, ability and expertise to supply any client, airline, hotel chain, bank or hospital with all their uniform needs.

The UB Corporate programme had started with the supply comfortable corporate and uniform suitable footwear but had since grown to the supply of a full head to toe corporate attire solution. Our focus on comfort corporate footwear has not changed and we strive to bring the same quality and comfort into all our product lines.

Our hands-on approach and careful attention to detail ensures that every client is left satisfied with their “perfect fit”. This is achieved with careful consultation between our sales and fitting teams with the client. Please see HOW TO ORDER page for further details.

All our products are carefully tested and selected for quality, fit and purpose. Ensuring that every workday is as comfortable and professional as it is stylish. UB Corporate also offers branding options to identify your company’s corporate image.